The Importance of Rich Snippets to SEO

A look at the nature of rich snippets and their value to SEO campaigns.So often the changes in the world of search – such as algorithm updates, etc. – make the jobs of search engine optimisers harder.  A strategy that would work exceedingly well the day before an update would suddenly be defunct when the […]

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Using Google’s Search Console for Highly Effective SEO

4 areas in which search engine optimisers can exploit Search Console for optimum search results.If Analytics is Google’s handsome, captain-of-the-rugby-team son, then Search Console is Analytics’ reclusive, highly-intelligent sibling – the sort that is a piano prodigy and doesn’t come out of its room when visitors arrive for tea.  Perhaps this may be a bit […]

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social signals3

The Importance of Social Signals to SEO

How social signals are improving rankings despite being ignored by search algorithms.Certain search engine’s responses to social signals have been up and down over the last few years, and caused a great many SEOs to pay closer attention to the goings on in the world of search than your aunt does to the plot of […]

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offline and online

Integrating Your Online and Offline Marketing

Tips on how to achieve unity across all channels of your campaigns.Just like any great band that has broken up and then reunited will tell you – the product of a project should be greater than the sum of its parts.  The same applies to marketing campaigns.  With so many businesses using multiple channels in […]

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SEO for overseas

SEO for international markets

We haven’t talked much about carrying out SEO for international markets before.  However, since we’ve been carrying out a few projects for this, I thought I’d point out some of the things you’ll need to get started with even before you actually begin the SEO process.These are all relating to the configuration of your new […]

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small vs big

How a small website can compete with a bigger one when it comes to SEO?

Offline or online, if you run your own business, at some point you’ve probably looked at your bigger competitors and wondered what it is that you can do to compete with them.When it comes to competing online, what you need to do is slightly different. Very simply put, one of the factors of Search Engine […]

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Social Media not working

“Social Media isn’t working for us…..”

Every week, we meet businesses who have tried to incorporate Social Media into their marketing mix as a way to grow their business but given up, not having yielded the kind of results they expected.Once, we’ve had some time to take a closer look into their previous Social Media efforts, it’s quite clear that the […]

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Google electronic tattoo

Lie-detection tattoo by Google??

When Google files a patent for some new piece of technology they want to protect, you likely  expect this to have something to do with technology. Perhaps a new gadget that’s sure to become the next must-have (think, Google Glass).Well, it seems that the search giant’s latest new patent filing has little to do with […]

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SEO School 101: How To Get Started Optimizing Your Web Content

If you’re faimiliar with Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) then chances are, you’ve heard ‘Content is King’ only a little too often.And, there’s a good reason for this.Google loves unique and fresh content and rewards websites who take out the time and effort to publish useful content on a regular basis by higher rankings than those […]

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Creating Better Web Applications: 5 Ways To Promote Your New Application

Everyone knows by now that the world has gone mobile. Very quickly, business owners are beginning to catch up with modern technology by developing mobile apps to help them compete. Mobile applications offer a variety of benefits for your business, they help you stand out amongst the crowd and keep your customers engaged.However, now that […]

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